T-Rex Craze

Today, the internet blessed the nation with this top trending video:

In the video, a professional dancer dons a T-Rex costume and dances his routines from A Chorus Line. I couldn’t control my happiness watching this video. I am still laughing, as I write this piece. And so, it got me thinking. The T-Rex has been having a MAJOR pop culture impact over the last few years.

Here are some highlights:

What is it about the T-Rex that is so lovable? In the past, we have been taught to love the T-Rex because of its ferocious intimidating nature. Growing up with Jurassic Park, I always enjoyed the T-Rex because it was big, bold, and badass. But, this new trend shows a lighter side of the T-Rex. No longer scary, the T-Rex is now “all of us.” Personally, I most relate to the T-Rex because of its short limbs. Many hilarious memes have been created on that angle:

Even a T-Rex can feel insecure.

Everybody feels insecure sometimes.

So relatable!

We all want what we can’t have.



When there's a will, there's a way!

Wishful thinking can conquer all!

I think the T-Rex craze has stuck around so long because of the interesting narrative behind the comics/videos. Being a total dork, I completely relate to a video of a dancing T-Rex in a ballroom. I bemoan the fact that I have “T-Rex arms,” every time I am forced to zipper up the back of a dress by myself. The T-Rex comics demonstrate how I feel every day, as I try to make an impact on our too often judgmental society. I am unapologetically myself. I have learned to embrace the people who love me, flaws and all. The haters don’t matter. The T-Rex cartoons show that even the most intimidating of predators can have insecurities. We need to cut ourselves some slack, because nobody is perfect. I dig that message! As seen in the trending stories tonight, I’m not the only one who’s riding the T-Rex train.

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