Face Off Fun

Today, I got a full afternoon to myself, which hasn’t happened in a while. I decided to take advantage of the relaxation time and catch up on one of my favorite shows, Face Off. Since there weren’t any big breaking news stories over the weekend, I’m going to forgo my usual SEO related story and promote Face Off instead!

Face Off is an AWESOME reality competition that features incredibly talented special effects makeup artists. As with many other competition shows, contestants receive a challenge from the panel of judges every week and produce a final product within 3 days. In the beginning of the season, there are some group challenges, but after week four or so, all of the challenges are done on a solo basis. In my opinion, the judges on Face Off are one of the best parts of the show. They are well known special effects artists in their own right:

Ve Neill is a vibrant ball of sass whose work has been featured in such popular films as Mrs. Doubtfire, The Amazing Spiderman, and the Hunger Games, among many others. The mother of the judges, she always does her best to not come off too harsh.

The gorgeous Ve Neill.

The gorgeous and talented Ve Neill.

Glenn Hetrick is the perfect counterpart to Ve, with his edgy goth look and blunt criticism. Known for his former company Optic Nerve Studios, Glenn always tells it like it is, which I can totally appreciate. When you make Glenn happy, you know you did a phenomenal job!

The badass Glenn Hetrick.

The badass Glenn Hetrick.

Rounding out the trio of judges is Neville Page, the sci-fi specialist of the bunch. His work has been featured in the recent reboot of Star Trek and Avatar. Geeky yet intimidating, Neville is the perfect mix of Ve and Glenn.

Ever classy Neville Page.

Ever classy Neville Page.

The judges are fabulous, but what’s a competition show without interesting challenges?! There have been so many fun episodes of this show that have featured incredible work from contestants. Here are some of my favorites from the ten seasons of the show:

Laura is one of my favorite all time winners of Face Off. Even on her worst day, her work stood out from the rest of the pack in a positive way. The theme for this challenge was “Living Art.” She took it in a totally abstract Picasso direction that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Visual masterpiece.

Visual masterpiece.

During season three’s “Junkyard Cyborg” challenge, Nicole totally killed it with this badass chick. From the red hair to the exquisite metal elements, the entire piece is stunning. In a challenge where it would have been easy to go over the top, Nicole went in an understated direction, to much success. Is it okay to think a cyborg is sexy? Because this is sexy!

Hot cyborg.

Hot cyborg.

In one of the best WTF moments in Face Off history, Roy and Rod created this extraterrestrial creature in season five. Roy appeared on two seasons of Face Off and became well known for his incredible knack for fabrication. That skill set was well utilized here. Is it a baby? Or is it a man with legs? I can’t decide!

So weird, yet so cool!

Out of this world.

In the “Burtonesque” challenge during season five, contestants had to come up with a creation that would fit into one of Tim Burton’s eclectic movies. This bellman piece by RJ was so haunting yet so endearing. After seeing him on stage, I wanted to know his backstory immediately!

Checking in.

Checking in.

Though I loved RJ’s piece above, my favorite creation from the Burtonesque challenge came from Matt. His creepy ice cream man still haunts my dreams (in a good way!) today. From the striped shirt to the sprinkles on the forehead, this entire piece meshes together seamlessly. It would be the perfect fit in Tim Burton’s world.

Do you want a treat?

Do you want a treat?

Anthony and Alam created this beauty during the “When Hell Freezes Over” challenge during season five. This particular piece shows how Face Off challenges contestants to incorporate beauty makeup as well as extreme makeup into their final creations. It’s a tough task to create something that is both beautiful yet terrifying. This piece is a winner!

You know you want me.

Not your average seductress.

I couldn’t leave out Pumpkinhead! This intricate creation was made by Miranda and Tate during season five. The challenge asked contestants to provide a dark twist to Mother Goose nursery rhymes. This piece definitely succeeded. With the intricate detailing in the pumpkin, it’s hard to believe that there’s a real person in there!

Beware the Pumpkinhead!

Beware the Pumpkinhead!

There are too many fantastic Face Off creations to possibly recount in one blog post! I love this show because it provides such a great platform for talented artists to shine. Additionally, Face Off is one of my favorite shows because the contestants truly care about each other. They want one another to succeed. Sometimes, you will even see one contestant help out another contestant who is struggling, which is unheard of on other competition shows. Face Off takes the focus off of the drama and puts the talent at the forefront, which I really appreciate. If you are looking for a fantastic reality program that will open your eyes to a whole new world, check out Face Off on SyFy today!


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